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Gkikas Rotating Header Image

November, 2006:

The Greatest Music. Ever.


  • I have just been signed to perform at Carnegie Hall and a nationally broadcast episode of Austin City Limits.
  • My singing defines a new type of sound, previously unknown to man. It features modulations and tonal characteristics thought only to exist in one’s dreams of “the perfect singing voice.”
  • I’ll be on Oprah on February 2, Good Morning America on the 3rd, and The Megan Mullally Show on the 10th. Set your DVRs now.
  • In honor of a request by Bob Weir to “sit in for Jerry” on their next Dead tour, I’ll be out of the office from March 2nd through September 15th.
  • I have a staff of 3 opening fan mail.
  • 10 minutes ago, Google’s CEO just called and bid $3.4 million for Gkikas.com. I flatly (but professionally) refused this lowball offer and the attorneys are working on a deal.
  • The forthcoming album, working-titled, “Greatest Hit” has presold more copies than the #1 album on the Denmark music charts.
  • Since the bullet point before last, I see an email from Paramount with the subject line, “Movie rights.”
  • Seriously.

Edit: I found a video that typifies singing slightly better than mine.

MPAA Seeks To Ban Friends From Your House

MPAA Lobbying for Home Theater Regulations
by Scott Small – as reported here.

Los Angeles , CA – The MPAA is lobbying congress to push through a new bill that would make unauthorized home theaters illegal. The group feels that all theaters should be sanctioned, whether they be commercial settings or at home.

MPAA head Dan Glickman says this needs to be regulated before things start getting too far out of control, “We didn’t act early enough with the online sharing of our copyrighted content. This time we’re not making the same mistake. We have a right to know what’s showing in a theater.”


Invisible Bike

LOLFound on a website we run, CrazyKitties. This isn’t our cat, but it’s worth sharing. This actually happens frequently in our house, but we haven’t managed to catch it on film yet.

Nasal Pimple Brings Man To Knees

Nothing funny about it

There come times in people’s lives when they get a pimple. For some, it’s often and ugly. For others, it’s less of a problem because they show up few and far between. Being way past puberty, I get them here and there but not very often.

It’s even less often that one appears inside my nose. For this I am very, very grateful because I liken this pain in my schnozz to a cross between a root canal and a colonoscopy, though I’ve had neither. The entire left side of my face feels bruised when I even casually bump my nose, throbbing painfully like a whole headache. I’m glad these things don’t show up too often, because this is not fun.

Ratdog in St. Pete Tonight

These pictures are courtesy of Ratdog.org – the show tonight in St. Pete at Jannus Landing should be killer. Pics and story forthcoming.


Bob Weir

Last night’s setlist:

  1. Bertha*
  2. Cassidy*
  3. Senor
  4. Wrong Way Feelin’
  5. New Speedway Boogie
  6. Last Time
  7. Ashes and Glass
  8. Dark Star*
  9. The Winners
  10. Corrina*
  11. Silvio
  12. Tequila
  13. Silvio
  14. Tequila
  15. Silvio
  16. Scarlet Begonias*
  17. Come Together*
  18. Dark Star*
  19. Good Lovin’
  20. Johnny B. Goode*

* Pissed off about:  songs we’re both frustrated they played last night because we have a lesser chance of hearing them tonight.

Show should be awesome, though.  I haven’t seen them since ’95 and Idoia hasn’t seen Bobby live since he’s had brown hair and no beard.  My, how time flies.

See Vince Talk. Oyster Blur.

Vince, talking

Couch Moments

oyster_couch2.jpg oyster_couch3.jpg
oyster_couch4.jpg oyster_couch5.jpg

Guitar Homework – A New Progression (for me)

Blues or Jazz Progression
Had a lesson with Greg earlier tonight. My brain is sore from this, learning to play guitar. The rabbit hole is deep with this one, and I suspect I’ll be practicing a lot more if for nothing else, curiosity. The mechanics and theory behind these progressions, with roots and major 6ths, mixolydian movements and diminished runs. It’s fascinating. Utterly infectious.

And then, a groove comes on. It’s just two chords, but there’s juice in them. I’ve been tapping my foot more, and in more varying degrees, for ska, bubble gum pop, hair band, bluegrass, or even the simplest of pentatonic riffing. My eyes are closing more often and my head bobbing for longer periods.

This is terribly exciting shit, to me.

Hershy Plays Rubina – Wow!

Pickup or Delivery?

I love ordering Chinese food. If you order from a good Chinese restaurant, you’ll get someone who garbles something at you at blinding verbal speed, incomprehensible of course, and you know you’ve dialed the right number.

“Hi, I’d like to place an order for pickup.”


“For pickup, please.”


“I’d like roast pork egg foo yong with egg drop soup.”


“Nope, that’s it, thanks.”


“Okay, thanks.”