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Gkikas Rotating Header Image

Disney World barefoot.

At Disney World today it rained like crazy just as we got there, so I spent the vast majority of the day barefoot. This was, how should I put this? Effing awesome.

The surfaces I walked on were a veritable treasure trove of textures and temperatures — cobblestones, smooth polished chipseal, wood, rubber, glass, exposed aggregate concrete… it was a feast for the soles, and it was warm and soaking wet to boot, so I got so splash in puddles. There was extra super bad ass bonus magic in this trip to the Magic Kingdom.

The place is immaculate, so I had zero fear of stepping on anything. There’s an army of smiling, theme-dressed people with brooms and dust pans keeping any significant debris from collecting. More about them later.

I was the ONLY person barefoot, which mystified me at the time. God, it was so NICE. Especially given the rainy conditions, why didn’t it occur to a single other human soul there (and there were a sh1t load) to whip off their shoes and enjoy the rain? I’m baffled, still. What a powerful force social mores must be about “needing” to wear shoes. The only time I put them on was in the bathrooms and restaurant.

About those sweeper people or, “cast members,” I was told once, by a friendly older lady in Frontierland that she was very sorry, but had to ask me to please put my shoes back on for safety reasons. I just shrugged and whipped out my flip flops until she was out of sight, at which time I whipped them right back off. What safety reasons? So I don’t step on something dangerous? Isn’t that your job, anyway? Maybe so someone doesn’t step on my toes, or I don’t stub a toe and sue them. What a stupidly litigious society we live in. Anyway.

I was also taking mental notes on the route of the Disney Princess Half, though I’d never in a million years put in writing that I’m wanting to run that race. Or anything like that.

This was kind of a first for me. I’m didn’t get into barefoot running intending to become obsessed with my feet (and other people’s feet too, I will not lie) or a weird eccentric. I may be turning into one or the other, and if that’s the case, then so be it.

Site is broken, I know

Special thanks to WordPress for adopting PHP 5 so whole-heartedly that after upgrading this site, my gallery and video plugins (NexGEN Gallery and Wordtube) both stopped working. So, there’s nothing here really worth seeing.

I plan on rebuilding this thing anyway.


Elise is working on certain words.  Words like “Blalala.”

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[nggallery id=27]

More LOL

Althea answers the microwave at the end.

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Some guitar

Rusty.  Out of practice.  Still feels nice, though.

Animal Universe, Planet, Kingdom, whatever.

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There’s room for two on this lap. but it takes a good couple minutes for them to figure it out.

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My first TATW

I’m new to freestyle.  This is the Touzani Around the World, or TATW.

Trust me, this is really hard.

Parks and Recreation

We’re 14 months old now, give or take, and we’re not quite playing on the big, dangerous things… still just these tubes.  For now.

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